Saturday, September 02, 2006

You asked for it

Baron Vaughan, one of my favorite comedians, and one of New York's sexiest reads round house kicks. I talked to him Thursday at Oh Hello at Rififi, New York's best comedy/burlesque venue. He said he was in the market for a pair of sneakers and would like me to post something flashy, but not ugly. This will be the first in a series of interesting limited sneakers that aren't ugly, but worth considering for actual purchase.
Cheech Wizard was a great comic from the 70s. Cheech was basically a red ball with legs that wore a huge floppy yellow hat with red and black stars. Cheech lived in a weird fairytale land and spoke some sort of gibberish jive. I read some Cheech stuff a while ago because I heard that it was a huge influence for the guy who made Fritz the cat. Some time soon Puma will be coming out with these Clydes along with the hoodie. Hopefully they will come with an extra set of big fat red puma laces.