Saturday, September 16, 2006

The San Fransisco Feet

The Tron Stan Smiths made Skott think of these San Fransisco Stan Smiths from Adidas fresh new Skate line. Adidas is basically copying Nike by trying to make crazy overpriced skate shoes to help make the rest of the product line cooler. Skott seems to think these are ugly. I think they are really sharp.

The Stan Smith for the skate line is totally different than a regular Stan Smith. First off the foot bed is wider. I can't wear regular Stan Smiths, they just don't fit me right, the Skate SS fits me. Then there is lots of extra padding in the tongue and collar. Also it has some sort of gimmicky padding in the heel that probably amount to a hill of beans. Unlike Nike, Adidas is making all the shoes out of scuff resistant material and recessed eyelets that are supposed to live up to skating unlike a material like fur. There is a Coffee themed half-shell mid top coming out some time in 07 that I am excited about as a big fan of mid tops. High Snobriety has a post with a bunch of pics of the next years Adidas skate shoes.
But wait there's more San Fransisco shoe news. Nike Skateboarding is collaborating with HUF to make a whole pack of shoes commemorating the 100th anniversary of the San Fransisco earthquake. NSB posted some great pics.
The materials are supposed to look burned and cracked. the shoes were designed to look like they are actually smoking.