Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Thank God for my Wallabee Shoes"

The ugly sneaker game is really simple. You take a preexisting sneaker and then you use a material that is antithetical to the original canvas. This game gets heightened over and over again until we are at a point where companies are making a basketball shoe out of patent leather and fur.

I'm Glad that Clark's gets it. they are making a Snakeskin Wallabee in two colorways. 9 of each will be made an never sold to the public according to High Snobriety one will go to Ghostface Killah for giving them free advertising. P.S. Ghost's new album fishscale is fucking amazing and you should totally listen to it. IMHO it's better than Supreme Clientele. I just want o take a moment to big up my hood and all of Shaolin. Every time I make a post with a rap quote for the title I hope one of you motherfuckers gets it.