Monday, October 02, 2006

Neon Pattent Leather RS100s

High Snobriety Has some pictures of Pumas coming out in 2007. What really caught my eye was these
neon patent leather RS100s. Normally the front toe area is made of reflective material but in these pics it looks like they wanted that to be patent leather. I think that was a bad move, but that's why I am a blogger and not a sneaker designer.These extremely reflective RS100s are pretty dope. the remind me of the nitebrites I posted a while back but these will probably see a wider release.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Gravis 'Native American' pack

I had a pair of gravis sneakers and I really liked them. I wore them out completely until the sole was gone and the leather was ripped.
That said, these "Native American" shoes they are coming out with are not to my liking. I like anything high concept and ugly in brown is always better than ugly in bright colors because you can actually wear ugly in brown. High Snobriety has more pictures and info.

Horse Hair Court Forces

NSB has some pics of a pair of court force high tops made out of black horse hair. other classy materials include fake croc in mustard, black, and purple.

Bonnie et Clyde

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus I have had a really busy week with lots of work and shows.
Puma is making two Clydes with the theme of Bonnie and Clyde.
The best thing about these shoes is they come in a giant sack with dollar signs allover it.

I think it would be cool if it came with a big, round, black cartoon bomb with a burning fuse.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

LaCoste Pattent Leather

I really am not a fan of LaCoste or patent leather. these look very similar to Stan smiths only they are made from lots of shades of patent leather and have a alligator on them. Hypebeast has pictures of them in all sorts of colors.

Taxi Series

I am totally psyched for this release. Nike SB is releasing a taxi pack with shoes based on the colors from taxis from the world over. I am definitely getting a pair of the NYC zoom teams when they come out I have read that they might come out some time around January.


Sneaker Freaker is releasing the sickest pair of lace locks I have seen in my young life. They are made in sterling silver and let the world know exactly how ballin' you are.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Little Boy In orduroy

These AF1's are part of a 'Harlem black 5' pack. These shoes really aren't all that ugly. The really interesting thing about them is the ultra wide-wale corduroy lining at the collar. One neat thing about this material is that it matches the vertical lines on the side of the sole of the AF1. Another thing about corduroy It that it's great at picking up lint from your socks.

Tie Die

G-d damn tie die looks so lame. What really puts these over the edge is the hemp type material at the collar.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I saw Fat Joe IRL

Yesterday at work I saw Fat Joe in his car on 34th. Fat joe isn't just famous for being a great rapper,but for having probably the greatest sneaker collection of any one man in the world. I told him to check out my blog. He repeated the name back to me, but i seriously doubt he actually went. If I don't check out some dudes band on myspace every time I get a message I doubt he's going to do the same for me. Check out this video of Fat Joe showing off some of his collection.

This celebrity citing was only eclipsed later that evening when I saw Zach Galifianakis and Demetri Martin perform at Rififi. Joe if your reading this I'm sorry. I am a comedy nerd first and a sneaker nerd second. If it makes you feel any better I can assure you that your SUV was significantly more ballin' than Dimitri's folding bike.

Crocs Mary Jane

Crocs made a billion dollars this year. just a couple years before that they made a million. If they don't expand their product line and create more MUST HAVE items sales will plummet next summer and the next time you see croc it will be in the hand of chuck nice on VH1 discussing how much he loves the aughties. These are supposed to look like Mary Jane's, but if you ask me Crocs better have something else up their sleeve if they want any sort of staying power. I think instead of making more shoes Croc's should take other items out of rubber that should never be made out of rubber. Items from MP3 players to coffins, bicycle pedals to bath accessories. On seccodn thought I think crocs should just go out of bussiness.

Japanese Nike iD ad

This Ad like many Japanese things gives me a case of the creeps. This ad makes me feel liek Nike and it's customers are violent ass holes. You heard me right generic power rangers leave that man alone he never did anything to you.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Three Bears Pack Update

I posted a while back about some furry Dunks that will be part of a "three bears" pack from Nike SB. I am trying to cut back on Nike news,but I find these shoes so horrendous I must post the most recent pics I found on NSB. These Dunks are made from golden brown faux fur and plush suede. I think the head of design at the skateboarding division is trying to get himself fired, but nothing he does seems to be working.

New Blog

I Started a new blog about Flamin' Hot Cheetos viral videos called Some Like It Hot. It's a pop cultural sensation you really should get in on.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adidas Materials of the World

Adidas is doing a project that on it';s face sounds cool, but really is just the same old ugly sneaker game that we're used to. They are taking indigenous materials from across the globe and using them in their sneakers in runs limited to 500 pairs each. Above is a metro attitude Basketball hi-top with a traditional Chinese textile. Below is a Mexican day of the dead Gazelle and a Turkish track jacket. It would seem to call these ugly would be culturally insensitive. However you know what? these materials were never intended to be used on athletic sneakers for reasons obvious to anyone with eyes.A little post script for y'all, I would like to point out that Nike SB's Day of the Dead Dunks aren't any nicer looking

Not Again

I appears Nike has yet again based a basketball shoe on awful wallpaper of the early 70's. Check out NSB for more pics.


Vans has something really big in the works.LOL, I'm so punny. This is from SBTG. Apparently this will be at Sneaker Pimps 2006 in NYC which I will be in attendance for. Apparently they are very difficult to clean.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Adidas Safety

High Snobriety has a post with lots of pics of the new shoes from Adidas Safety collection. It's a part of adidas lifestyle branch that puts out consistently hipster friendly footwear.

Metrocard Dunks

I designed these shoes on Nike ID. They are based on the MTA Metrocard. I would order them, but I hate patent Leather and there is no yellow available in full grain. The sole is supposed to look like the magnetic strip.
Besides the subway and MTA buses my other modes of transit is the Staten Island Ferry and my red Pedicab.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Franken Kids

Here at RHK we believe that the children are our future. This Vandal lo (similar to the Frankenstein AF1 I posted a while back) will be available only in children's sizes. I think if I was a kid and I had these shoes I would feel like the fucking shit until some jealous bully berated me to death.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The San Fransisco Feet

The Tron Stan Smiths made Skott think of these San Fransisco Stan Smiths from Adidas fresh new Skate line. Adidas is basically copying Nike by trying to make crazy overpriced skate shoes to help make the rest of the product line cooler. Skott seems to think these are ugly. I think they are really sharp.

The Stan Smith for the skate line is totally different than a regular Stan Smith. First off the foot bed is wider. I can't wear regular Stan Smiths, they just don't fit me right, the Skate SS fits me. Then there is lots of extra padding in the tongue and collar. Also it has some sort of gimmicky padding in the heel that probably amount to a hill of beans. Unlike Nike, Adidas is making all the shoes out of scuff resistant material and recessed eyelets that are supposed to live up to skating unlike a material like fur. There is a Coffee themed half-shell mid top coming out some time in 07 that I am excited about as a big fan of mid tops. High Snobriety has a post with a bunch of pics of the next years Adidas skate shoes.
But wait there's more San Fransisco shoe news. Nike Skateboarding is collaborating with HUF to make a whole pack of shoes commemorating the 100th anniversary of the San Fransisco earthquake. NSB posted some great pics.
The materials are supposed to look burned and cracked. the shoes were designed to look like they are actually smoking.

Tron Adicolor

In the comments of the Glow in the Dark Pumps post Skott wrote
"TRON!!! these are the perfect shoes to wear on your lightcycle. "

Earlier this year before I started Roundhouse Adidas came out with a Velcro Stan Smith Tron shoe from the Adicolor line.I guess wearing them on a lightcycle would be like wearing a bands shirt to the concert, but it's nice to have two options.

For Love or Money NB

Another crazy Japan only NB release. I love the star lace holes and I am a fan of the color pink. People will probably flock like mad to this shoe. last time a For Love Or Money shoe was release the secondary market went a little crazy.

Pump in the dark

It looks like the glow in the dark high top world is about to get a lot more crowded. I have to say that Reebok's use of screened Glow prints makes Nike look like a bunch of pansies.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Glow in the Dark Pack

Freshness posted pics from Prestigious Atlanta of samples of the glow in the dark pack. Normally I will snark on the shoes here, but these are really fun, exciting, and well executed. if you look in the glow picture you can see how two gradients of glow material was used so in the dark you can see the cut of the leather. I am assuming it's leather with some sort of glow material, but it might be a synthetic material for all I know. Glow in the New Sincerity.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Greedy Genius

Greedy Genius is a Brand of super-luxury sneakers. For each model only 500 pairs are made. They are sold in boutiques and retailers like Barney's. Celebrities such as Slim Thug, Sean Paul, Rasaq,and probably others i don't care even less about are wearing them.

"Thank God for my Wallabee Shoes"

The ugly sneaker game is really simple. You take a preexisting sneaker and then you use a material that is antithetical to the original canvas. This game gets heightened over and over again until we are at a point where companies are making a basketball shoe out of patent leather and fur.

I'm Glad that Clark's gets it. they are making a Snakeskin Wallabee in two colorways. 9 of each will be made an never sold to the public according to High Snobriety one will go to Ghostface Killah for giving them free advertising. P.S. Ghost's new album fishscale is fucking amazing and you should totally listen to it. IMHO it's better than Supreme Clientele. I just want o take a moment to big up my hood and all of Shaolin. Every time I make a post with a rap quote for the title I hope one of you motherfuckers gets it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

AF1 Frankenstein

you know generally I hate patent leather, but these shoes are really fun. I think they make it as new sincerity. These Frankenstein Air Force 1s are coming out in October.
Alife will be releasing this really cool fifty59 hat that perfectly matches the shoes. Again I think this hat is really fun. Both could be enjoyed unironicly together or apart.

More furry shoe news

Freshness has some great pictures of outrageous shoes from the international sneaker battle of some really rare shoes. According to Freshness these are dog hair AF1s. That's some pretty effed up ess. I love the satin purple paisley lining. It would totally match my purple paisley blazer.
Among the other pictures they posted was this fresh NB 1500. I have been posting WAY too many Nikes. I am implementing a new rule that Nikes have to be particularly garish to get posted and I am lowering my standards for other brands. Nike doesn't pay me and according to Public Enemy my neighborhood supports them but they don't support us. Thanks for kicking the real Chuck.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dunk High Seamless

NSB has pics of a new seamless Dunk High. Shoes like these aren't really anything new. basically they take a piece of leather and laser cut it. This one is special because it has gortex, but seriously don't get these wet or walk on dirt or anything. I like the blue lining a lot. other than that this is yawn worthy.

MF Doom Dunks

Kicksclusive has the info on an upcoming MF Doom Dunk. MF Doom is one of my favorite rappers hopefully these shoes will be really nice and not ruined with fur or some weird space material.

speak for them selves

These shoes are so outragous I don't need to say much.
These are patent croc AF1 seamless. that means the shoe is made out of one giant piece of leather that wraps around. First off they aren't really croc, it's pressed leather. Also they aren't seamless. the seam is on the inside of the foot where the star would be on chuck Taylor's.
These are Adidas Rod Lavers, one of my favorite shoes. they are super comfortable and rarely made into some sort of special material or colorway. these are an exception. They are made out of a suede fish leather. Fish leather is supposed to be more environmentally friendly and it uses scraps that would normally be thrown away. not very ballin' if you ask me.