Monday, July 31, 2006

Undefeated Question

This is a special colorway of the original 1996 shoe "the question" made for Allen Iverson's first season. If this is the question I can only assume that the answer is pepto bismol.

Welcome To Roundhouse Kicks

I read several sneaker blogs that most normal people would have no use for. Modern Life is very busy and scheduled. Between pilates, work, pedicures, cooking, and mommy and me yoga classes who has time to read 3 sneaker blogs daily. that is exactly why I created this blog.

It seems like every other day that I get news of a new pair of completely ugly sneakers coming out. I love showing them to my girlfriend and adding some sort of snarky comment about how ugly they are. I created this blog to keep people abreast the the latest ugly kicks hitting the market.

This first shoes I want to post about I saw last night for the first time. These shoes on ebay are allegedly custom Nike Air 180s made for Kanye West. I am guessing they had to sample a beanie baby and a tub of cheap sherbet to produce these sneakers.