Tuesday, August 29, 2006

nike free

Check out this wacky Japanese version of the Nike Free trainer. Think it's ugly with all those crazy colors? Wait for it...


Not only does it have 3M reflective material, but it's laser etched with a crackle pattern. I find it amazing that there are some starving wage slaves in some third world country manufacturing these shoes in a
sweat shop. All day long for 12 hours she is slaving away on some specialized sewing machine to adhere the green sole to the reflective crackle print upper. I wonder what thoughts run through her mind all day while she completes this boring task. My guess is she's thinking "what the fuck is up with the Japanese? those mother fuckers are fucking nuts." Either that or "I'm so hungry and I can't afford basic medical care."

I really can't get enough of anything with a reflective material. If a material isn't reflective, glow in the dark, holographic, or day-glo it doesn't belong in the 21st century.