Monday, August 28, 2006

DQM "bacon" air max 90

Dave's Quality Meat is one of my favorite sneaker boutiques in NYC. The place is set up to look like a butcher's shop. If you're looking for an ugly pair of Nikes, but only can make one stop go to DQM because to my knowledge they are the ONLY store in all of NYC with both an SB account and a quick strike account. Also they receive "tier 0" drops and carry the new Adidas skate board line along with the vans Vault line and many other ugly shoes other stores don't have the balls to carry. Any day now these mildly ugly Air maxes fashioned after strips of bacon will come out. There is no official release date, but word has it they will show up within this week. I think they should come out Friday at sundown so they sell out before anyone that observes the Sabbath can purchase them.